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Some of you know that I’m a librarian. I’ve been thinking a lot, since moving back to the US, about what skills I can bring to bear on making my community and country better places to live. Since I’m trained in curating, analyzing and sharing information, I decided that what I could do is help people learn better skills and dispositions for dealing with fake/false news and media manipulation. I’m partnering with @humanitiesmontana for their Informed Citizens series and my first gig is at my own @missoulapubliclibrary talking about how fake news spreads. I’m super honored and more than a little freaked out because, 1) it’s my library and I want to do a good job for them, and 2) it’s a complicated topic with exactly zero easy answers. Anyway, it’s my way of giving back (and fighting back) using the tools and education I have. If you’re interested in me using this space over 2020 to share tips and tricks with you let me know. I’m sure I can fit those in between photos of cats and cars! 😉#fakenews #fightfakenews #librarian #librarianlife #humanitiesmontana #informedcitizens #democracy #criticalthinking #mediamanipulation #missoula #missoulapubliclibrary #think #library #loveyourlibrary
Man. I did not think @ourblackcoffee could make me any happier, but these gift boxes are the. best. Needed some Missoula gifts for friends out of state and this is perfect. #blackcoffeeroastingco #coffee #madeinmissoula #buylocal #missoula #theperfectgift #missoulamade #locallyowned #ilovecoffee
Today I went to the vet and got all but three of my toenails cut before I bit the tech and drew blood. The vet said I’m healthy enough to put up a good fight. I’m told you never get a second chance to make a first impression. I think they’ll remember me. #thejadekitten #biter #vetvisit #dontmesswithme #vicious #showemwhosboss #cat #kitten #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #ihatethevet

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About Julie and Steve


Steve and Julie – Nxai Pans National Park, Botswana

Julie and Steve Edwards travel the American west and the world from their home base in the Last Best Place – Missoula, Montana.

IMG_7639A passionate traveler and lover of highways, dirt roads, and hiking trails, Julie has wandered through thirty countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and is always looking for the next destination. Julie’s travel writing and photography have been featured in the Alloy + Grit, Rova Magazine, Overland Journal, the Christian Science Monitor, SA4x4 Overland Adventure Magazine, Travel Africa, She Explores, and Camas: The Nature of the West. Her travels have been featured on Expedition Portal, Women Overlanding the World, Adventure Journal, and on the GHT Overland Podcast.


Steve grew up hiking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains, tinkering with old VWs, and dreaming of far off places. A healthy appetite for travel literature stoked a sense of adventure that has taken him to 25 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He’s slurped noodles in Singapore, hiked mountains in Italy and Ireland, run from sauna to lake in Finland, driven a scooter around a Thai island, and overlanded through east and southern Africa. He loves puns, paper maps, and all points (yet) unknown.

His skills include adventure trip planning, keeping their vehicles running through ongoing mechanical alchemy, being able to drive like a local in any city he visits, and catching things that fall before they hit the ground. His travels have been featured on Adventure Journal and on the GHT Overland Podcast, and writing has appeared in Overland Journal. He blogs with the small but knowledgeable crew at Jalopnik’s overland blog, Overland & Expedition.

Julie and Steve have also been on the teaching staff at the Rocky Mountain Overland Rally, Overland Expo East, and Overland Expo West. From 2017 to 2019 they explored east southern Africa from their home in Gaborone, Botswana, where Julie was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Botswana. Julie and Steve are currently back in their hometown of Missoula, Montana planning their next adventure.

Follow their adventures at Venturesome Overland, on Instagram – @venturesomeoverland and on their Facebook page.

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