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Now that temperatures in the far flung north of the country have dipped below zero and the snow has begun to lay in ever deeper drifts, I often find myself revisiting our adventures from warmer times.

These photos come from the higher elevations of the northern stretch of Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains. We visited here soon after we bought our Smittybilt roof top tent, and found some solitude even on Memorial Day weekend.

As opposed to their more southerly cousins, the Bitterroots of Missoula, Mineral, and Sanders Counties are not nearly as striking from the valley floor. But a little exploration up the many Forest Service roads that follow the lazy creek beds into the range reveal peaks, alpine lakes, and landscapes that are equally rewarding – and have a distinct identity all their own.


Photos: Julie Edwards

4 comments on “The Many Mountains of Montana – Bitterroots

    1. Thanks! Julie does really good work, I think. I’ve been really enjoying the photography on your blog, too. We had an amazing time hiking in the Pisgah a few months ago, incredible country.

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      1. Love the post — Nice pics of Black Balsam, Tennant and Looking Glass Rock! Love that area.

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  1. oldpoet56 says:

    God’s finger is a great paintbrush.


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